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The Vif Tote

The Vif Tote

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Vif is French for bright, lively and vibrant, and it's the best way to describe the goal of this bag. In colorful waterproof nylon, The Vif Tote is ready to liven up your outfits and carry you into the day's adventures.

It is thoughtfully designed for your busy lifestyle; it has a generously sized exterior pocket for go-tos (phone, sunglasses, & Duet Hand Fan) and a matching zippered clutch that is large enough to hold the rest of your essentials.

The tote is wide open for your farmer's market purchases, laptop and chargers or a full set of gym clothes. 

The Vif Tote is built to be the friend by your side for a long, long time. With reinforced handles, trust this tote to hold your stuff as securely as you keep your bestie's secrets.

Bag 12” x 15” x 6”, 8” handle
Zippered Clutch 10.5” x 8”
recycled nylon & polypropylene


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