Compagnie Correspondance #1

Compagnie Correspondance #1

From: Susan 
To: Jaime
Date: March 1st 2023
Subject: Happy Birthday!

I think it has been a little bit more than one year since we conceptualized Vive la Compagnie. And we decided to soft launch today for friends and family as your birthday present. 

What started as an idea to make the most perfect {redacted for now} has pivoted into becoming a whole ass lifestyle brand. And I am so happy with everything we have made. 

We've been friends for about 30 years and we've worked together before. But this last year of working and creating with you has been so fun and rewarding. Challenging and collaborative. Fun (did I say that already?) and heartwarming. I love you very much my dear friend!

I hope you have fun at the rodeo tonight under the Neon Moon! Your birthday will now always be the date that Vive la Compagnie went "live" and I couldn't imagine a better day to choose. 

Happy birthday again and cheers to you and our little compagnie! 

Vive la vie, vive l'amour, 


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